Our services are delivered by friendly, highly qualified technicians with the latest equipment. We can come to you or you can visit our SMART repair centre.



Key scratches caused by vandals are a big problem.  If the scratch has gone through the paint there is no alternative but to sand down the area, primer it and then repaint and lacquer it. We can repair key scratches on a mobile basis depending on how many panels have been damaged and how much paint spraying would need to be done.  If it is, for example, the whole side of a car, the repair would be better undertaken at the Repair Centre. We are happy to discuss with you whether it would be more cost-effective to have this repaired under your own insurance policy. 


We remain a small, family run business serving the local area and providing a more ‘personal’ service.

We offer a complete range of vehicle body repair services:

  • We can come to you; or
  • You can come to our SMART Repair Workshop;
  • We can deal with both minor and major crash repairs;
  • You can have the use of a courtesy car at no extra cost (terms and conditions apply);
  • We offer a free vehicle collection service.

We are one of the leading mobile car body repair specialists in our local area covering parts of South East London and Kent.

All repairs are carried out by experienced/qualified vehicle repair technicians and all work undertaken is guaranteed.


  • What is a SMART Repair?

    SMART Repair (‘Small to Medium Area Repair Technique’) is an industry term used for minor car body repairs that are not undertaken in a traditional bodyshop setting.  There are some time-saving techniques that are used by SMART repairers to enable such repairs to be carried out at various locations. For example, using an aerosol primer which will dry much quicker than the primer used in a bodyshop.

  • Can you just pull the dent out?

    Customers often ask if we can just pull dents out with a suction tool but unfortunately, we cannot. Paintless Dent Removal (‘PDR’) is a specialist area and we have various contacts in this field that can assist you.

  • How long will the repair take?

    The length of time differs for every job and will depend on factors such as the weather and how quickly materials dry, the amount of filler work and reshaping is involved etc. Generally, to repair one panel it can take anything from 2 – 4 hours.

  • Will the repairs last?

    Yes it will, unless of course that same area is hit again.

  • Do you take the tyres off when you refurb the alloys?

    No the tyres are not removed.  We deflate them slightly and protect the tyres with a special covering to enable access to the alloy’s rims.

  • Can you match the paint colour?

    No the tyres are not removed.  We deflate them slightly and protect the tyres with a special covering to enable access to the alloy’s rims.

  • Can I get my car cleaned after it has been repainted?

    Our advice is to leave having your car cleaned until the following day, especially if taking it to a car wash where they use powerful jet washers.

  • Is the work guaranteed?

    Yes, all work is guaranteed.  If for any reason you are not happy with the repair we will always redo the work until you are completely satisfied.  It is very rare that an issue will arise with the repair once it is complete unless of course the area is damaged again, but we will always come back to fix any issue.

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