Does Ceramic Coating Protect Your Paintwork?

Does Ceramic Coating Protect Your Paintwork?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the surface of cars, as a form of protection to prevent its colour from fading or looking dull and run-down. It provides a waterproof, protective layer (also known as hydrophobic), repelling any water, dirt or airborne pollutants from affecting the paintwork on the vehicle. Another benefit of ceramic coating is that not only does it add an extra layer of protection to your car, but it also makes it more durable, meaning it will be able to withstand damage or pressure much better.

Ceramic coating also makes your vehicle a lot easier to clean and maintain. Because it repels items that can make it dirty and grubby, you won’t have to work as hard when scrubbing anything off of your vehicle. The coating actually makes it harder for grime to bond to a car.

A final benefit of ceramic coating is that it allows a vehicle to look aesthetically pleasing for a longer period of time. It is usually difficult to be able to maintain that clean, sparkling look however, this coating provides a ‘showroom shine’ on the paint that maintains the fresh look.

As much as there are benefits to ceramic coating, it also has its disadvantages.

One being that applying a ceramic coating to a car won’t prevent it from being scratched, plus there’s still the potential of water leaving stains. Getting a professional to apply the ceramic coating can reduce the chance of this happening.

Despite the fact that ceramic coating does have disadvantages, including cost, these are heavily outweighed by the benefits that it provides for a vehicle. It’s definitely worth considering adding a protective extra layer to your car, as it is both reliable and works properly.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer this service because it is very time consuming to apply and we do not have the time or space available. Our advice is to request the application of ceramic coating prior to the purchase of your vehicle from the dealership or find a local retailer who can help.


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